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    POLYPLOID was founded by German designer, Isolde Auguste Richly in 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Richly graduated with distinction in fashion design from the art university, KHB Weissensee Berlin. The word polyploid is a scientific term that references replication. The collection presents a series of patterns which are multiplied into three different categories: A ,B and C. Each silhouette showcases three selected fabrics: A, B and C. In the category A, all shapes are realized in white calico - a fabric that represents the foundation of tailoring. It simplifies the product to its most basic expression. In categories B and C, different materials are used, which convert the basic form of A into new concepts, functionalities and feelings. Each pattern is reproduced in six colours. In A, one color, off white. In B, two colours, and in C, three colours. Behind Richly’s design process lies the two countries where production is located. Items that use raw materials sourced in Europe are produced in Germany, whilst those that use textiles sourced in Japan are manufactured there. Basing production across these two regions allows Richly to carefully select the perfect fabrics and manufacturing processes for her collections. With decades of experience in the industry, our team combines the strengths of Japanese and German handcraft to achieve an innovative and timeless approach across our collection.