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    The label POLYPLOID was founded by Isolde Auguste Richly in 2017 in Germany, Berlin. Richly is a german designer who studied fashion design in the art university KHB Weissensee Berlin, and graduated with distinction. The word Polyploid underlies a pattern which each style is based on. The collection is presenting eight different classic shapes, seen as cells. These shapes are multiplied in three categories, A ,B and C. For each categorie is chosen a different main fabric, which expresses a unique sensation. In the categorie A, all shapes are realized in the most simplified way in this season. The white calico stands for the fundament of tailoring. It simplifies the product to its most basic expression. In categorie B and C are total different fabrics choosen, who convert the fundament of A into a new concept and feeling. In A, one colour is presented. In B two colours and in C three colours are implemented. Behind these concept lies a super strong relationship between Germany and Japan. Not even garments colours and fabrics are divided into categories, Polyploid is using a German and a Japanese production at the same time. The garments from England, Germany or Austria are produced in Germany. The garments from Japan are manufactured in Japan. The country of origin is the indicator for the manufacturing process, which is a total new approach on the market. The Polyploid design team has more than 10 years experience in design, manufacturing processes as well knowledge of garments and patterns. It combines the power of handcraft between Japan and Germany to a certain new and powerful approach.